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The ZISOU brand, founded in 2018. by Magda Owczarek it was created out of impulse – though not by accident. The collection of wooden handbags that started the activity was so popular that the story, which was supposed to be just a short adventure, became the beginning of a completely new story.

“For over a dozen years I co-founded an antiques renovation studio in the Old Market Square in Poznań. Every evening, when I closed the door, I regretted that I could not take the heat and the smell of wood with me. I dreamed of always having the atmosphere of the studio with me.
The idea was born when I watched the movie “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”. You’re probably wondering what the movie has to do with a wooden purse? Remind yourself – when you leave the cinema feeling impressed – that something extraordinary just happened. I wanted to stop – materialize this moment.
The purse was intended to be not only aesthetic, but also durable and functional. I wanted it to accompany me on a daily basis, and not stand on a shelf. This was achieved thanks to the highest quality materials and many years of experience in working with wood. “

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Currently, ZISOU is a brand that creates accessories that inspire and encourage mindful life. With an emphasis on natural materials, geometries and uncompromising quality, we combine imagination and utilitarianism, resulting in a warm and unpretentious aesthetic. We believe that it is worth focusing on unique craftsmanship and ethical production. We believe that a handcrafted item tells the story of the place and the people it carries
timeless value.

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